Exercise Physiology is at the heart of every champion athlete. Every training system, every performance enhancement, even the prevention and rehab of injuries comes first from a sound understanding of how the body responds to exercise and stress. But it's not just the elite that can benefit from this understanding. Anyone alike can begin to tap their full potential by learning more about their body's capabilities. So whether it's to improve your performance, or just out of intrigue.


At “The Psychology of Strength”, our main emphasis is on the mental aspect of training. We believe that perseverance is a skill that can be learned. Our main focus is developing the ability to overcome adversity. This is true strength. We care less about how much our clients can bench press and more about how people can use the skills we teach to handle obstacles in their lives. Mental toughness is our primary goal.

The problem we see with traditional trainers is that they view strength training as only what one does in the gym. We feel that building strength techniques can and should be carried over into one’s personal life. We teach our clients you must apply the strength you feel from our training to your life as well. If not, you are wasting your time with us. If you are a beast in your training, but a pushover in life, we suggest you train with someone else.

To us, true power is believing you have the ability to overcome any adversity, disappointment or obstacle. This is the attitude that we train all our clients to have. Once they get a taste of it, it empowers them. We see it everyday.

We teach our clients that success is a choice. They have the power to choose to complete what they set out to do. They can choose to be strong. The choice and decision will always be their own. We find that showing them strength is their choice empowers them. Our clients earn a positive feeling when they are done with the high intensity workout. They feel a deep sense of accomplishment when they hit their goal. As a result of their physical and mental achievement, their self-esteem grows. They have earned the satisfaction.

Oddly enough, working hard to reach a goal has been foreign concept to many of our clients. When one has the access to buy superficial improvements - plastic surgery, fancy cars, or other material things - without striving to achieve a goal though hard work, one still lacks what ones truly desires – confidence.

This is one the aspects our clients love the most. Their confidence soars from our training. Self-assurance is developed when one learns how to persevere and get over adversities.

Life can really suck sometimes. Our clients are reminded of this all the time. In fact, we tell them never to forget this. It drives them. It motivates them. It empowers them.


We have been accused at ‘The Psychology of Strength” that we are “backwards” trainers. We would say that’s true. We’ll take that as a complement. The primary goal of a majority of our clients when they start off with us is to lose weight, get a tighter butt, bigger arms etc. To us, getting a better body is the simple part. If you train with us, this is an absolute. Our clients range from housewives to elite athletics. They improve in their sports activity. They lose weight, get leaner and more muscular. The aesthetics is the easy part. What’s hard is getting the client to believe in their self-worth.

After all, what’s so good about having a tight butt when one’s self-esteem is still low? What’s so wonderful about having wash-board abs when you keep on making self-destructive choices because you don’t believe in yourself?

At “The Psychology of Strength” we are teaching our clients a “sense of belief system.” That’s exactly what we do. Nothing is more empowering than the belief that one can get over any bad situation in their life. Nothing is more powerful than knowing you have the ability, stamina and endurance to overcome the most difficult times in your life.


We teach our clients that the mind and body works as one unit. We know that the body is capable of doing great athletic feats. The problem is the mind doesn’t believe how powerful the body is.

We believe the mind can will the body to get through the most brutal physical and mental challenges. Where the mind leads, the body will follow. We teach our clients this beautiful relationship between the mind and their body. The client learns that the mind is responsible for the action and the body is accountable for their choice.

They begin to understand control -- of one’s mind, one’s body, and one’s choices. Once they understand this, they thrive on it.


Wayne Corros - Los Angeles, CA

Trent's training regime has been the only workout that I have ever done where I saw marked, visible results within just a short period of time. It has given me a mental edge when it comes to performing in my running, cycling, and just athletic ability in general.

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